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JUNE 23, 2013
203 E. 14TH ST.

Sunday, June 23rd 1:00 pm
Doors open 12:30 pm


Buddies - Judith Plank -(10:00)

Home from Iraq, Brad struggles with depression and the loss of his girlfriend, and soon realizes that sometimes you need a little help from your friends.


Petite Chardonnay - Gerald Martin Davenport (55:00)

Petite Chardonnay is a 55 minute adaptation, and interpretation, of the 120 page Chardonnay script, [hence "Petite"], to be used as a marketing and showcase tool to show investors, and the audience, that the story is strong enough, the filmmakers can complete what they start, and the actors are serious about their craft in order to find financing and funding to make Chardonnay.




Live Music by Jeremy Rourke


Under Cold Bright Stars - Jeremy Rourke (3:00)

'Under Cold Bright Stars' is an animated video made for a song of the same title. The musician is also the animator and the film uses archival imagery, paint, light, photographs and time to create a world for the song. The lyrical words materialize and evaporate, the sun rises, the moon sets, we go into the woods, go deeper into them, come out of them, go into a stone house and see the faces of folks eighty years in the past.


The Healthiest Man on Earth - Gary Turchin (26:00)

Where poetry is not just food for the soul, but medicine for the body. A film for anyone challenged by anything.


The Credible Egg - Helen Hood Scheer (5:06)

THE CREDIBLE EGG is about the industrialization of food and an unexpected alliance between technology and nature.


Freckle - Mike Cantor (4:10)

Freckle is a music video created by visual artist and computational biologist Mike Cantor, with music by Brandon Patton, bass player for MC Frontalot. The video employs an original stop-animation technique which Cantor calls 'Velcro rotoscoping': thousands of colorful velcro dots are arrayed like pixels onto a grid, photographed, and then superimposed one frame at a time onto live-action video.


Thumb - Sarah Gurfield (5:56)

After losing a playful 'thumb war' to his date, our hero puts his losing digit through a grueling (and hilarious) ROCKY-esque training regimen in an obsessive quest to reclaim the title...and his manhood.


Idle No More - (10:00)

The Idle No More short documentary takes a look at a First Nations movement that has invigorated Native peoples across the world, specifically speaking to California Indian tribes.


Leke - Nafi Ayvaci (13:50)

A young woman tries to fill the void in her married life by cleaning, but her newly developed obsession leads the relationship to an even messier level.


If Only Cats Could Talk - Signe Veje (51:00)

The stranger-than-fiction true story of two all-American house cats and the humans in their lives. Eager to explore the world outside, they take us on a dramatic journey to the heart of America.


Dinner Break 5 - 6 pm


The Soil Solution Film - Carol Hirashima (28:30)

What if an answer to climate change was found beneath your feet? The Soil Solution explores the fascinating world of soil, and documents the ranchers and scientists who conserve, protect and regenerate this valuable natural resource. Healthy soil, as vital to our survival as clean air and water, may provide a biologically-based, low cost solution to global climate change.


Sunday Night, June 23rd 6:15 pm
Doors open 5:45 pm


Crumble - Rob Anderson (10:00)

Uncle Taylor is a clean freak. This doesn't stop him from joining his family on a day trip to the river to pick berries. A bag of cookies is passed around and more than sweets are shared.


The Bench - Terry Rodriguez (8:34)

The story of two men who unexpectedly meet in the park to find that both thier lives have changed and intersected.


Heart to Heart - Nicolette Daskalakis (5:40)

A cardiovascular love story...Maggie Cardioid, a (literally) heartless girl, longs for love on the eve of Valentine's Day. An encounter with a double-hearted guy leads to unexpected results.


Sweet Home Alaska - Peter van Nort (8:09)

Sweet Home Alaska is the heartwarming story of a modern Alaskan family, and a father and daughter who strive to stay connected through bee-keeping even as their lives begin to follow different paths.


Clean - Jonathan Browning (3:35)

In this short film a couple clean their house in preparation for a very special guest. This comedic short explores the way men and women have very different cleaning styles.


Life Lessons from a Young Girl - W. Mark Dendy (5:00)

Charles' life was all but over. No longer colorful, just black and white. Then came Nikki, an angel at the bus stop.


Tea Party - Ryan McKinney/Deborah Adair (9:04)

In 'Tea Party,' the sixth episode of 'Set the Table,' Becca Peterson is once again forced to deal with her needy family. This time, her mom has developed a crazy attachment to a tree, and Becca needs to talk some sense into her.


Global Tides - Linda Brieda (6:52)

Global Tides is an international, interdisciplinary collaboration that incorporates film, music and dance. The film explores the urban struggle to recognize the soft calling of one's inner voice, which can be overpowered by the frantic rush of the city crowds.


Shoot the Moon - Alexander Gaeta (26:00)

Marcy Meyers is down on her luck. Faced with piling bills, the remnants of a failed marriage, and now an imminent home foreclosure, she has nowhere to turn but to the hope of a miracle. That miracle she finds in Shoot the Moon, a national game show that promises a once-in-a-lifetime chance to win it all, but her faith comes with a price.




Microtime - Nir Yaniv (14:23)

Bernie, a physics PhD student, builds a time machine out of the microwave oven in his kitchen. Jemima, his flatmate, is less than thrilled - especially when the machine, out of control, begins to jump crazily in time. Now Bernie and Jemima must find a way to stop it - before they go too far into the future.


Evora - Mark John Ostrowski (20:00)

A biblical journey that reveals the essence of cinema


Walls of Sound - David Gracon (62:51)

This documentary is about the House of Records, a brick and mortar independent record store based in Eugene, Oregon. The store has been in operation since 1972 and it struggles to exist in the midst of digital downloading, corporate retailers and forces of nature such as the roof being impaled by a giant tree, fire, flooding and thieves. This quirky video explores the cultural significance of the store in terms of fringe and independent music, as well as vinyl collecting culture.


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