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APRIL 10, 2012
APRIL 6 - 7
203 E. 14TH STREET

7 Dollars, 11 Hours, 21 Filmakers Compete for 3 Top Prizes: Best Feature, Best Short and Audience Award.


Friday April 6th - 7:30 pm - Doors Open 7:00 pm

Reconstructing Jack - Lee Garman - (18:41)

From deconstruction to reconstruction, just in the nick of time! A lost soul finds his way.



Easy Street - Russell Greene - (23:30)

A young, Southern lawyer goes to New York for a job interview with the country's most eccentric and intimidating Federal Judge. After experiencing the weirdest encounter of his life, he is given an ultimatum that pits his morality against his ambition. Both comically absurd and socially relevant, the film asks: How far would you go to land your dream job?



Bathing and the Single Girl - Christine Elise McCarthy - (10:41)

Single, in her thirties and experiencing an extended romantic drought this lady decides she needs to broaden her ideas of who might make a suitable boyfriend. Once offended by her grandmother's advice to "overlook a little" - she feels desperate times call for desperate measures. But - just how desperate is she? Bathing and the Single Girl is an irreverent & raw comedic look at some of the pitfalls of dating men you can talk yourself into rather than waiting for one you cannot talk yourself out of.



Going Deaf for Nothing - Susana Halfon (48:18)

The true story of a rock and roll band, from rags to riches. These folks actually stay honest and real, despite the music industry's pressure to be otherwise.




Just Before Dawn - Romain Quirot - (14:22)

After the sudden disappearance of his father, Alex is waited upon by his family back overseas. The only thing Alex wants to do, is drink until he loses his way into the never ending night.



Hold Me Closer - Thomas Fisher - (25:58)

Hold Me Closer documents the events of a Cuddle Party held in a Los Angeles motel in late March 2011. Seven strangers gather under the supervision of a certified Cuddle Party Facilitator for three hours of 'freestyle cuddling' meant to bring people together through the use of healthy, nonsexual touch. However, good intentions quickly fade as conflicting personalities and a cuddler trying to subvert the rules threaten to derail the proceedings.



Beethoven Burst - Ankit Love - (6:30)

A brave starship Captain is on a mystical voyage to the far edge of the Universe. He must overcome his fear of the unknown, leave behind his love and step into the black hole.



Strip - Michael Jortner - (13:43)
This film is not recommended for anyone under 17 years of age.

A freshly divorced businessman in a Las Vegas bar gets more than he gambled for when a blonde siren invites him to her hotel suite.



Saturday Shorts April 7th - 1:00 pm - Doors Open 12:30 pm


(512) - Prakash Mohandas - (4:38)

The film narrates an interesting series of events that involve the scrawny protagonist on one of his routine visits to the gym


Spirit Ranch - Troy Scoughton, Sr.

The Spirit Ranch is a special place in New Mexico where people experience equine assisted therapy. Working with horses and the fantastic staff at the ranch; active duty military and veterans feel relief from post traumatic stress, troubled kids are taught to cope with daily pressures and military kids learn to handle deployment of a parent. Through interviews and by filming an actual session, the process is explored with both staff and veterans. We felt the results of the process as captured through the eyes of our cameras was nothing less than amazing and hope you will agree.


The Story of Animation - David Tart - (4:05)

The Story of Animation is about the process of animation. Although aimed primarily at potential animation clients, the film has something for everyone - students, animators, animation producers, and anyone who has ever wondered about how animation is made!


Letting Go - Cameron MacKenzie - (8:23)

'Letting Go' is a short film about a tough-minded girl who goes through different stages of grief after the death of someone very close and important to her until she discovers it is OK to go on as the land around will goes on. After the old farmer dies, the girl goes through shock and denial, pain and anger, trying to bargain with God, feeling lonely and lost, until she finally reaches a place of acceptance about the event. Watching the animals roam the farmstead and seeing the sun come up every day eventually led the girl to be able to let the old man go. The journey through the stages of grief carried the young girl into the beginnings of becoming a young woman.


The Necklace - MaryLee Herrmann - (5:56)

Feeling trapped, a woman who has spent her life being everything to everyone else, (Kimberlin Brown, The Young and the Restless) reaches out to her free- spirited sister (Traci Dinwiddie, Supernatural) hoping to find the courage and dare to pursue her own dreams.


Blue Skies - Megan Bercaw - (4:57)

A short documentary about 3 local skydivers in Port Aransas, Texas. Through the progression of preparing, exiting, and landing a jump, these divers express their thoughts and opinions about their passion of skydiving.


Passion in Paint - Amy Rinehart - (9:48)

Life is difficult. Jobs are lost, loved ones pass away and people spend their whole lives taking care of others. Art has always been one of humanity's greatest tools of expression and therapy. Passion in Paint explores art as therapy and tells the story of three women who found their voices and hope on the canvas.


Live Outside the Box - Shu-Hsuan Lin - (4:18)

The leading character Simon is a workaholic without any social contact. Gradually his world becomes smaller and smaller and even at the very end, there is nothing left in his world but only his work. This severe impact finally wakes him up and now Simon has to find the right way to bring his life back before everything is too late...


East of Berlin - Dean Yamada - (11:00)

A young man working the streets of Berlin struggles to make a new life for himself.




The Story of the American Star - Michael P. Gaughan - (14:00)

The story of a very special bicycle.


Date at a Funeral - Samantha Howard - (12:33)

A shy girl takes the guy of her dreams to her grandmother's funeral.


Spiritus - Brian Herman - (3:32)

A glimpse at the unseen and unseeable. This story unfolds, literally, as a bag is animated and anthropomorphized by the freezing predawn wind of the first snow on a street in New York City.


Randy Parsons: American Luthier - David Aldrich - (8:15)

Randy Parsons had given up the guitar, and then one day he had a vision of how it would come back into his life.


Inspiration of the Past - Ursula Cunniff - (9:21)

Many of us grow up with an image in mind of the perfect life; marriage, kids, great job, house, dog...But, is that all we are living for? If your life was to come to an end tomorrow, what would you regret not having done yesterday?


"Douglas" - Brandon Vedder - (17:30)

A man's beleaguered existence is further complicated when a mysterious stranger persuades him into what is promised as a simple ride across town.


Buddies - Judith Plank -(10:00)

Home from Iraq, Brad struggles with depression and the loss of his girlfriend, and soon realizes that sometimes you need a little help from your friends.




Perception - Wade Wofford - (107:00)

This film is about making the assumption that your perceptions are truth, and how making decisions based upon that assumption can be dangerous. Perception explores this breach of experience by glancing into the lives of three individuals: Clarissa, Ralph and Tobias.


Saturday Night April 7th - 6:30 pm - Doors Open 6:15 pm


Birds in the Park - Dagmar Diebels & Tom Meffert -(36:15)



Hope - Catherine Margerin & Willy Whitefeather - (7:00)



Share the Pie - Robin Moore - (9:53)



Who Bombed Judi Bari? - Mary Liz Thomson & Darryl Cherney

A news anchor reports while graphic news coverage of a terrorist car bomb attack in 1990 in Oakland, CA is shown. Two Earth First! activists are immediately blamed by the FBI for bombing themselves. We learn that the victim/suspects Judi Bari and Darryl Cherney have later sued the FBI and Oakland Police and that Judi Bari is now dying of cancer before her case goes to trial. Weak though defiant, she gives her deposition, on camera, just a month before she dies.


Q and A with the filmmakers

Opening Weekend Closes: See you at the Wrap Party April 10th!


Tuesday April 10th - 7:00 pm to 10:30 pm


It's a Wrap Party! Hosted at International House.
This free event will feature the film "Thrive" by Foster Gamble as well as selected shorts. Free cake donated courtesy of Nugget Market.


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