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MARCH 11, 2010
MARCH 12 - 13, 2010
203 E. 14TH STREET

Thursday March 11 - 6:30 pm - Doors Open 6:00


From the Community to the Classroom - Jann Murray-Garcia and Ryan Gonzales (75 min)

Plus international shorts.


Special guest speaker:
Karen Joy Fowler
author of The Jane Austen Book Club.


Q and A with filmmakers

Friday March 12th - Doors Open 6:00 pm with live music provided by Alexis Harte


6:30 - Filmmaking workshop hosted by director Mike Carroll.

 Author of the book NAKED FILMMAKING - How To Make A Feature Film Without A Crew.


Headbanging Mice - Jeff Espinosa-Blohm (20 min)

 A couple of friends try to help our hero turn into a man that every woman would want to date--with interesting results. Filmed entirely in Davis!


Rhythm of Causality - Christina Parisi (20 min)

 The rhythm of life is causality. And truth is your guide.


Eluscid - Wilson Bessinger (30 mins)

 An elaborate journey through a series of lucid dreams.




Live Standup Comedy with Denise Hoffner


Country Mohammed Music Video - Via Media (15 min)

 One of the best animated music videos ever made.


Nightbeats - Mike Carroll (89 min)

 Nightbeats penetrates the psyche and populates the gut with crammed discomfort, which produces curiosity (the kind of curiosity only capable within the loins of ADULTS) and provokes study. Carroll did not want to make a film for the moment. He sought longevity and avoids pop culture. He embraces cinema, down to its bare celluloid, and contributes to the ideology of cinematic purity.


Q and A with filmmakers

Free Lunch - Director Rick Curnutt (35 min)

 Walter Tanner, Jr is done with handouts, he's done with his privileged past, and he's done with having to answer to people. Realizing the value of hard work, Walter sets off on the road to the American dream...in a lunch truck. Together, Walter and his friend Casey serve the working people of L.A. while Walter struggles with the realities of business and being a fish out of water. Will the struggle prove to be too much?


Saturday Shorts March 13th - 12:30pm
Doors Open 12:00 Noon


Phantom Font - Tim Reischauer (10 min)

 A very strange little film about a very innovative little kid.


Kindness - Jeffrey Price (9 min)

 Kindness is an understatement in this quirky piece of cinema verite.


The Magnitude of the Continental Divides - Christopher Coleman (6 min)

 "The Magnitude of the Continental Divides" is an animation exploring the ways we define ourselves and our nations. It is a journey between many locations in various states of withdrawal and aggression. Borders become weaponized and damage is always dealt from afar. The individual is caught in the midst, unable to separate themselves, unable to define identity without place.


Kaziah the Goat Woman - Amy Janes (30 min)

 A documentary - Embroiled in a war where the U.S. government has forbid us to view our fallen soldiers, one woman, armed with a paintbrush and a herd of pregnant goats, has found a way to make sure these faces are seen and never forgotten. Painting over 600 portraits as gifts for the families, a quirky Kaziah faces death on a daily basis and is forced to reconcile her own fragile existence with 'gravel in her gut and spit in her eyes'.


Vitruvius Toybox - Dennis Michael Iannuzzi (6 min)

 I’ve always been interested in experimental animation that explores ideas from modern painting and design. This film is experimental in nature. It is structured around a piece of original electronic computer music that was composed on the desktop computer. My film explores the relationship between motion graphic techniques, electronic music and the use of traditional graphic design ideas from print media as a way of visually organizing an animated film and the way that it is edited. It starts with the idea of the Golden Section Relationships (Golden Mean) in a variety of forms and then improvises away from those relationships into a more free-form style of animation.


Jitensha (Bicycle) - Dean Yamada (21 min)

 “Jitensha” (or “Bicycle”) is a story about Mamoru Amagaya, a young man struggling to find meaning in life. A co-worker confronts Mamoru on his apparent apathy toward life, and this results in Mamoru leaving his job out of humiliation.


The Mouse that Soared - Kyle Bell (6 min)

 Step right up and behold the harrowing and hair-raising aerial adventures of a flying circus mouse! Witness the rise of our orphan foundling as he learns valuable lessons in life and flight from two well-intentioned adoptive songbirds! Fasten your safety belts as our little faux-feathered hero reflects on his unlikely beginnings on his flight path to becoming a coveted circus sensation! Come one, come all to this high-flying tale of overcoming adversity and beating near-impossible odds!




Mary and Jennifer - Todd Tinkham (10 min)

 Two homeless friends find a key to an empty house. Complications arise as they settle in for the night and attempt to live together.


It Starts With Me - Paul Takushi (15 min)



A Harlem Mother - Ivana Todorovic (10 min)



One For Love - Seth Laird (7 min)



Journey of the Turtle Photographer - Michael Carey (25 min)

 Tells the story of underwater photographer Michael Carey, whose curiosity with sea turtles turns into an obsession once he learns of their plight. Most all of the seven species of Sea Turtles are on the brink of extinction.


We Are All Here - Yonghwa Choi (2 min)



Red Poet - Matthew Furey (55 min)

 Jack Hirschman is a communist poet in America, a man committed to language and to humanity and a willful, celebrated outsider. For six decades Hirschman has thrived, though never in monetary terms, as a local street artist, more recently as an international man of words, mastering multiple languages. He has all the while remained aloof from academia, a world he came to view early on as a mere branch of corporate America.


Transparent Movement - Soyeon Kim (2 min)



Director's Choice



Saturday Night March 13th - 7:00 pm - Doors Open 6:00


Forget Me Nots - Dempsey Rice (17 min)

The act of remembering is so intrinsic to our experience that we usually don’t even notice it – we get to and from work, we drive to the grocery store, we recognize our family… and in this way we are able to navigate through our days. On a more profound level, remembering is the key to our identity – it opens doors though which we access the stories and experiences that make up our lives. Viewers come away from FORGET ME NOTS thinking about and reflecting on their memories and stories and motivated to intentionally remember and share their lives. In this way FORGET ME NOTS can begin to build bridges and solidify connections between communities and people, to one’s self, to the past, and across generations.


Silo - Daniel Zuckerbrot (50 min)

In May of 1969 a young man descended from the simple stone hut he had built high on a windswept ledge in the mountains. He came with a message. But Argentina would soon plunge into a “dirty war” of disappearance and torture. In that distant corner of the Earth an unholy alliance of church and military dictatorship did their best to silence this young man. They failed. He spoke to a few hundred souls who had braved the cold of these forbidding heights and the armed soldiers intent on keeping order. His enemies mockingly denounced him as a guru, or a false messiah. He called himself a thinker or a writer. And he wrote everything from philosophical essays to novels. And today high in the Andes you’ll hear his message.


Finding D-QU - Christopher Newman (26 min)

In 2005 D-Q University, California's only tribal college, was shut down after a 35-year struggle. Since then, the school's board of trustees, past students, and community members have tried to reopen the school against all odds. Finding D-QU explores stories of hope, healing and conflict that arise as D-Q University's supporters fight to hold on to a dream that was never fully realized. Will D-QU collapse, or will the vision of self-reliant education ever be fulfilled?




Oh My God! It's Harrod Blank! - David Silberberg

 Explores the life of the eccentric artist, filmmaker, and entrepreneur Harrod Blank, creator of spectacles-- such as the Camera Van and The Flashsuit. Blank's spirit is inspiring, "The pressure to conform is really incredible," says Blank, "but I don't care what people think. The reason I'm alive is to create."


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