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203 E. 14TH STREET

Thursday April 5th 7:30 pm - Doors Open 7:00

Encounter Point

Ronit Avni, Julia Bacha - 80 mins.
If you lost your loved ones to violence, If you spent ten years in prison, If conflict drove you from your home...
Would you seek revenge? Or struggle for peace?

Friday April 6th 7:30 pm - Doors Open 7:00

Run 4 It

John Jimenez, Zaquery Whitnack - 20 mins.
A behind the scenes glimpse into the making of a Hollywood blockbuster. Big budgets and high expectations have Tinsel Town¹s rumor mill buzzing, it's too bad the film producers hired "C" list actors and an experimental filmmaker to make it happen. "Run 4 It" has the chemistry as undeniable as Shatner doing Shakespeare. Train wreck? Hope so and the cameras are there to catch it all. Over-acting and under directing make for a rousing belly buster. PLEASE PEE BEFORE VIEWING. Comedy has never been so funny.


Never Like This

Conrad Cimarra - 5 mins.
A middle-aged man struggles through his daily routine in order to survive the reality of his existence.


Scared New World

Chris Brown - 75 mins.
Affairs are tempestuous, indeed, for a substitute teacher and struggling novelist; a pot-dealing single mother; and a sexually reckless French exchange student, all sharing a house in Oakland. But their intertwining lives, and the lives of those they touch, are brought to the screen with such tenderness and grace that you root for them to make it through the storm.


Q & A with the filmmakers



Carol Jacobsen - 30 mins.
Censorious! is a funny, provocative, feminist view of the culture wars, narrated by artists who have fought recent, public battles against the censors.

Saturday Shorts April 7th 12:30 pm - Doors Open 12:00 Noon


Sadie Turns Seven

Todd Tinkham - 10 mins.
When a birthday dinner exposes seven-year-old Sadie to a difficult truth about the adult world, Sadie uses everything she's got to right a crustaceous wrong.
Join young Sadie on a quest of oceanic proportions as she takes on the challenge of her lifetime in this uplifting, short film that will have everyone crawling back for more.



The Substitute

Katie McDowell - 5 min



Frank The Barber

Jeff Palmer - 15 min
Frank spins tales of everything from big band records to the lost art of barbering.

The Fight

W. Anthony Rice - 5 mins.
Martin just wants to grab a newspaper. Vic just wants to engage in his favorite past time, pounding his fists into other human beings. After bumping into Vic in the doorway of the Liquor Mart, Martin finds himself tossed down on the sidewalk. Mild mannered Martin is going to take a beating from Vic or is he? Martin has a secret, a mysterious gift. Vic is about to experience the beating of his life and Martin won't ever lay a finger on him.


The End Of Photography

Judy Fiskin - 5 mins.
In this short piece, shot on black and white Super-8 film, the narrator laments the coming demise of the use of film in photography while a series of beautiful images of the pre-McMansion vernacular Los Angeles landscape flash by.



Ein Blue Ribbon

Paul Burke - 20 mins.
A tango dancing hustler and a beautiful German assassin throw themselves at each other in a moment of passion. But before they know it, the jealous tendencies of a small-time mob boss have them doing one last tango for their lives.


The Raven

High Plains Films - 2 mins.
Raven is widely-regarded as a highly intelligent, cunning animal. The deep black of the raven does not signify evil, but rather the seeking of answers from the void. The Raven documents what can be learned through observational study of the bird. It is High Plains Films' answer to March of the Penguins; a contemplative short concerning the distant knowledge and mystery of the animal kingdom


Star Spangled Blues

High Plains Films - 15 mins.
Through memoir, archival footage and a distinct American beat, Star Spangled Blues asks the hard question of why we fight war. Gita Saedi, an Iranian-American, weaves a narrative telling her story of a once pacifist cousin serving in Iraq; of the rise and fall of two empires that span centuries; and of optimistic hope through her son and the next generation. This essay film contemplates family, peace, war, freedom and American values.




The Hotel Guest

Duke McAdow - 15 mins.
In a luxury hotel, a homeless man finds a brief and unexpected respite from his life on the street-- but the basic necessities of life include more
than food and shelter.


In The Details

Drew Lindo - 20 mins.
Ethan Mescher is an illustrator who has captured every day moments of his life for several years in his comic-book-journal. As the life he interprets becomes less fulfilling and the object of his affection is pushed further away, Ethan soon realizes that there are some moments we cannot capture.


Latino Stories Of World War II

Mario & Dee Barrera - 60 mins.
The stories you don't get from Hollywood.

The Davis Film Festival Party
4 - 6 pm Saturday April 7th at:
The Davis Art Center 1919 F Street Davis.
Food, drink, and music by Diane Patterson.

Saturday Night, Human Rights Night
April 7th 7:30 pm - Doors Open 7:00


Haiti Update

Leisa Barnes - Film Haiti Today - 30 mins.
Followed by speaker Leisa Barnes



I Know I'm Not Alone

Michael Franti - 85 mins.
Armed with a guitar, his voice and a video camera, musician Michael Franti journeys into the war zones of Iraq, Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories in his search for the human cost of war. Featuring music from the new Michael Franti and Spearhead album "Yell Fire."

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